I love twist collective. Sometimes I love it for the photos, other times I love it for the articles. There's a new issue out today and my only regret is that I can't stay home all day to savour every kb of this beautiful magazine.

Whether you're a knitter or not, I think you'll enjoy The Tale of the Green Sweater by Joan Morhard Smith. Both Smith and Jared Flood, who lovingly photographed IT for the article, are EZ devotees in different ways. Their shared love of her makes the article even more meaningful in my mind.

For the uninitiated, Elizabeth Zimmerman is a goddess in the modern knitting world. She was fearless, innovative and charming. Decades ago she wrote about knitting in a way that changed everything. If you've just seen Julie and Julia, think of EZ as the knitting world's Julia Child. Even now, years after her death, EZ continues to do so much more than just teach us to knit.


25 Things

The "25 Things" meme has taken on a life of its own. Facebook is lit up with versions of the meme recounting everything from childhood dreams to what people had for breakfast. People are answering, writing about it...it's quite a thing! I'm goin to take another crack at it here to help fill in some of the blanks since my last post.

1. I went to Ontario with my beau and visited three great yarn stores.

  • If you're in Belleville, you really do need to visit The Knitting Nimrod Collective. Thank you Ann-Marie for a great tip!

  • In Toronto, we spent a couple of days downtown and I visited Lettuce Knit with a non-knitting friend who -- I'm pretty sure -- had never considered what a yarn shop might contain. The petiteness of the store coupled with wall-to-wall (and floor-to-ceiling) inventory made his head spin.

  • We stayed with my sister and her gf for a few days, too, in the Beaches area. They mentioned a yarn store they'd seen on a walk so D and I set off to find it on our last day in the city. It turns out The Naked Sheep is only a 10 minute stroll from their house. Great store!

2. My beau and I returned from our trip and began looking at real estate in my city. We had been travelling back and forth every weekend all year and we knew it was time to be much closer to each other. The plan was to find a place that D could buy and live in on his own...but with space enough for me when the timing was right.

3. I turned 32! And D had his birthday a few days later.

4. D bought a condo! Less than 10 minutes from my place, it's big, beautiful and has living room walls that are just the most perfect shade of blue. There's a gigantic kitchen with great appliances (Hello dishwasher! I love you!), a fireplace, balcony and a bathroom with the biggest tub in the world.

5. I went to Halifax for work in October, met up with the lovely Ms Frozen Extremities and finally met my long-time imaginary friend Meegie face to face. It was a fun night!

6. At the end of October, local and national news was suddenly very personal when my long ago Honours thesis advisor and mentor was murdered in his home. We hadn't been in touch for awhile, but I'd seen him a couple of months earlier and was amazed by his warmth all over again. No matter when or how we connected, he had a way of getting through to me that few others have. He was one of the most peace-loving people I've ever met and I was crushed by the news. Like many others (but he always made me feel like I was the only one), I don't know who I would be without having known him.

7. D moved to Fredericton in mid-November. Yippee! It has been so, so nice to be able to enjoy the weekends without feeling like we need to cram two weekends into one every time.

8. Work has been busy and great. I'm still volunteering each week and teaching / coaching new knitters. I love it!

9. My sister, E, came home from Toronto at the end of November to spend a month of her off-season with family.

10. Our middle sister, B, had a little girl in early December. Lucky for me, I was in town the day Baby A was born and able to meet her just a couple of hours after her birth. It was an awesome day. I also had a visit on my own with her big sister, Miss J. We shared lunch in the hospital cafeteria and shot the breeze.

11. On December 16, my Dad's eldest living sister passed away very suddenly. I'll tell you the good things -- she was a great lady, the family matriarch, and a very creative person. If anyone could have out-Martha'd Martha Stewart, she would have. Every Christmas gift had been delivered, Christmas cards loaded with crocheted ornaments had reached their destinations and she'd made 43 dozen cookies just days before she fell ill. Most amazing, but somehow not surprising, her house was so full of sweets and treats that her homemade baked goods were all that were served at the reception following her funeral.

12. Christmas came very quickly after that. D and I were apart on Christmas Day but spent a few days at my Mum's and a few days at his before returning to Fredericton late on New Year's Eve Day.

13. Our New Year's plans included a friend's party so D and I got ready at our respective homes and he came to pick me up around 8:00. I was almost ready when he arrived but needed just a couple more minutes to get ready. He asked how long I was going to take because he needed to let his friend know so we could pick him up. I guessed ten minutes and he said, "Well, sometimes things take longer than you expect." And then he told me to sit down for a minute because he needed to talk to me about something. In fact, he said, he had something for me from the dollar store. He pulled out a Dollarama bag and I wondered when he'd been to the store because he dropped me off just minutes before they closed for NYE.

"It's a present. Not a Christmas present and..." A dark cloth bag was pulled out of the plastic one. "It's not really from the dollar store." He withdrew a dark blue box, lifted the lid and pulled out a ring box.


He knelt.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I was starting to cry.

He asked for my hand in marriage.


He asked, "Will you marry me?"

"Yes! Of course!"

14. Then he said he had another proposal for me and asked if I would move to the condo as soon as I could get out of my lease.

"Yes! Of course!"

15. We called our families.

16. We called the friends who introduced us.

17. We picked up our friend T and went to the party

18. We arrived at the party and said a few hellos before our friend S (who helped D shop for the ring) put a very long distance friend (C) on speaker phone. Everyone said hello and I asked C what she was wearing.

"What am I wearing...? Pajamas. Why? What are *you* wearing?"

I pulled my hand out of my pocket for all (but her) to see and said "An engagement ring!!!"

The crowd went wild. Seriously.

And C said that getting the news in real time was the best present ever.

19 - 23 - Wedding planning is in full swing. The date is set, the church is booked, so is the reception venue, attendants have been asked and 101 other things have been arranged. 1000001 still to come, I know, but we're on our way.

24 - I'm still knitting. Dishcloths were about it for awhile, and baby slippers, but I'm finally putting my Briggs & Little Anniversary wool to good use and making a throw from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature. It's coming along but I've been doing other things to keep myself interested. This week, finally, a pair of socks is taking shape. Pomatomus knit with STR Metamorphic. They're awfully tight but I know they'll suit someone else very well. :)

25 - I've missed all of you!

[There may still be formatting issues with this post...my apologies...changes/fixes are coming]


Having completely given up on ever finding my Woodland Shawl, I picked up a skein of Handmaiden Seasilk at my LYS a week or after WWKIP Day. I quickly cast on for a Swallowtail Shawl. After a couple of false starts and swapping out my needles for smaller and smaller sizes, I was on a roll. On Canada Day, with Swallowtail in hand, I was heading home after a weekend at my beau’s. I travel back and forth on the bus every other weekend and the only place I hadn’t checked for my Woodland Shawl was the bus station’s lost and found. I wasn’t hopeful, so I wasn’t surprised when the cashier said they hadn’t found anything like my project. I knit my way home and was poking around in my room later that night when I found a knitting bag under a pile of out-of-season clothing. Expecting to find a half-finished dishcloth inside, I was STUNNED to find my Woodland Shawl.

Woodland Shawl - Unblocked A

Fast forward six weeks and I’ve dragged WS all over the place, knitting a row here, a row there...cursing the project and loving it at the same time. Last Saturday evening around 9:00, I finished the sucker. It still needs to be blocked, but I LOVE IT! I wrapped it around myself on the bus to SJ this weekend, unwoven ends (3) and all, and it’s as cozy as I’d hoped. Light but cozy. Perfect! Now I just need to block it...

Woodland Shawl - Unblocked B

* * * * *

Swallowtail and I are about to get reacquainted but I’m working away at a couple of pairs of socks. My beau’s socks are still on the needles and I’m about 65% of the way through. I cast on earlier this week for another pair knit with Colinette Jitterbug that I bought on vacation last year. Given that my beau and I fly to Toronto tomorrow for this year’s vacation, it seemed like a good time to use it up. Not that I haven’t tried before, but this time I’ve got the right pattern, yarn and situation to work on them.

Tangled Socks II

The pattern is the one I MacGyvered for my Tangled Socks and I had someone ask for it recently. So I’m referring to the first pair to knit these ones and I hope to have a pattern written up sometime soon.

Tangled Socks II

* * * * *

Yes! Toronto! D and I are going to spend a few days in Belleville and we both hope to see friends in the area. Friday we’re heading back to the city where we’ll see a game, catch up with friends, go yarn hunting (lucky guy!) and visit with my sister, her partner and my niece. I’m SO excited!

* * * * *

I'm excited, too, about getting back here a little more often. Fingers crossed that it won't be two months between posts this time.