I love twist collective. Sometimes I love it for the photos, other times I love it for the articles. There's a new issue out today and my only regret is that I can't stay home all day to savour every kb of this beautiful magazine.

Whether you're a knitter or not, I think you'll enjoy The Tale of the Green Sweater by Joan Morhard Smith. Both Smith and Jared Flood, who lovingly photographed IT for the article, are EZ devotees in different ways. Their shared love of her makes the article even more meaningful in my mind.

For the uninitiated, Elizabeth Zimmerman is a goddess in the modern knitting world. She was fearless, innovative and charming. Decades ago she wrote about knitting in a way that changed everything. If you've just seen Julie and Julia, think of EZ as the knitting world's Julia Child. Even now, years after her death, EZ continues to do so much more than just teach us to knit.

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Miss Me said...

sigh... do i really have to work? i'm with you - i'd much rather be reading the twist collective fall issue.